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Great Expectations

Great Expectations

Take Care of the Books

Our books are provided by generous donors and hard-working taxpayers. We share them, and need to be sure our books stay in great shape.

Return your book on time or early.
Keep your books away from food, liquids and family pets.
Gently open your book's spine, and use a bookmark to mark your place.
Be cautious when storing your book in your backpack.
Store your book off of the floor.

Take Care of the Media Center

The Media Center is a shared space. This means we all play a part in keeping it amazing.

Please, no food or drink while visiting.
Be sure to tidy up your area before you leave.
Treat Media Center Makerspace materials with care and respect.

Take Care of Each Other

The Media Center is a contemplative place (means a lot of thinking is going on).

Help us maintain a chill vibe by using a quiet voice.
Be mindful of those studying and working around you.