We would like to invite our Chargers and their families to participate in our Virtual Curriculum & Parent Involvement Title 1 Night.  The event can be accessed on the IMS school website at THE CHARGER NETWORK tonight,  November 2nd at 7:00pm through December 2nd.  Charger families will find interactive “channels” to visit as well as a parent survey. 

Our Charger Staff have worked hard to offer this exciting hands-on event!  In the event program you will find a detailed “Charger Network Program Guide” (see below) with descriptions of the event presentations.

Charger Network Program Guide

Students who participate in our event will receive a coupon for a FREE Papa John’s pizza!  For students to receive their free pizza coupon parents or guardians must

  • Complete and return the Participation/Attendance Survey found in the Student Kits to student services


Students received a “student kit” that contains the following materials:

  • The IMS Title I Virtual Curriculum Night Program
  • The IMS Title I Virtual Curriculum Night Participation/Attendance Survey
  • Artwork to participate in the Art Project of making Optical Illusion Artwork
  • Materials to make “Annoying Wind Instruments” (two straws)
  • Materials to make a catapult (five popsicle sticks and three rubber bands)

We are super excited about this event and can’t wait for our Charger families to “tune in!”